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September Hill Midwifery

A midwife is meant to work with each individual woman and family to achieve the best possible birth outcome with the client’s desires in mind. Every individual has the right to safe, satisfying healthcare with respect for human dignity and cultural variations. Birth is overwhelmingly a normal life process which requires very little intervention. When intervention is indicted, it should be integrated in a way that preserves the dignity of women and their families.

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Debora L. Bissonnette, CNM

Contact Info.

Name of Practice: September Hill Midwifery
Address: 3812 Main Street, Burdett, NY 14818
Phone: 607-546-7936

Prenatal Care

How much time do you allot for prenatal visits?
1st visit 60 mins, all others 30 minutes

What is your availability for questions between prenatal visits?
No answer.

What routine prenatal testing do you recommend to women?
All NYS Health Department labs

What kind of nutritional counseling do you provide?
Extensive -- typically greater than 50% of early visits

Do you have any unique protocols for women over 35?
No answer.

Do you recommend routine ultrasounds?

During prenatal care, how you do approach screening for Down's Syndrome?
Pros and cons offered

During prenatal care, how do you approach screening for Gestational Diabetes?
Pros and cons offered

During prenatal care, how do you approach screening for Group Beta Strep?
Pros and cons offered

Do you discuss infant feeding with women prenatally? How do you approach this topic?
Discuss pros of breastfeeding for mothers and babies

Labor and Delivery

What is your approach to post-dates delivery? At what point do you recommend induction?
Surveillance, recommend induction at 42 weeks

What methods do you prefer for labor induction?
Natural means

Does your practice attend women planning a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)?

Continuous EFM offered?

Intermittent EFM offered?

Doppler offered?

Fetoscope offered?

What comfort measures do you provide for women during labor?
Massage, position changes, essential oils, hydrotherapy

Can women in your practice labor in water (shower or tub)?

Does your practice support birthing in water?

How long past rupturing of the membranes can women labor without augmentation?
24 hours

What methods of labor augmentation do you typically recommend when labor is slow or has stalled?
Position changes, nipple stimulation, enemas, emotional release, herbal or homeopathic remedies

Do you encourage women to eat and drink during labor?

Do you recommend the routine use of intravenous fluids?

Does your practice support women working with labor support doulas?

Do you support mobility and position changes during labor?

Are you familiar with the CIMS Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative?

If so, in what ways does your practice strive to be Mother Friendly?

Immediate Postpartum

Do you wait to cut the umbilical cord until after it has stopped pulsating?
No answer.

Do you routinely administer pitocin during third stage/immediately postpartum?
No answer.

What are the standard procedures in your practice for babies staying with or being apart from their mothers after birth?
N/A -- I am only doing homebirth -- continuous presence

Postpartum Care

What is your schedule for postpartum care?
24 hour visit, 3-5 days

Do you provide breastfeeding support? Do you have a lactation consultant on staff?
I am a lactation consultant


% C-section: <6%
% Instrumental Delivery: 0%
% Inductions: <10%
% Pitocin: 0%
% Epidural/Intrathecal: 2%
% Other Pain Meds: <20%
% No Pain Meds:
% Episiotomies: 0%
% AROM: <5%
% Initiate Breastfeeding: 90%
% BF Six Weeks: 70%
% Transfers:

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