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Sacred Rhythm DoulaDavina Horrocks

I am a DONA trained birth doula in the process of completing certification. I provide prenatal doula support, meeting with clients at least 3-4 times prior to labor. I also provide pregnancy and labor information as needed and recommend resources. I attend appointments with clients if desired and I provide full labor support. I follow up with the family at least once postpartum, and more if needed. A smooth postpartum adjustment is so crucial in creating a strong family bond and supporting the well-being of mother and baby. With this in mind, I am available for postpartum support and care in order help families and the new mother as she requires.

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Name: Sacred Rhythm Doula, Davina Horrocks
Location(s): P.O. Box 577 Ovid, NY 14521
Phone: (607) 280-6407

Service & Fee Structure

Services: Please see above.
Average Length of Visit/Class: 2 hours
Fee Structure & Details: $0-$600.
Bill Insurance Companies? No

Special Accommodations for Pregnant Women...

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I have given birth to two sons, both without pain medication or interventions. One in hospital and one in home. I am familiar with both birth settings. As a healthy pregnant woman, I will encourage you to call on your own inner strength and innate power to help you during labor. I will help you to do the best you can with Your birth plan, whatever that may be. I currently have ten months (and counting!) of personal breastfeeding experience. I am familiar with postpartum depression, various breast and bottle feeding issues, and colicky babies. I wish you the best on your journey and I truly hope to hear from you!

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