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Holistic ChildbirthKate Dimpfl

Holistic Childbirth helps people with the transition into parenthood through education and counseling services. Childbirth classes are evidence-based and non-biased, teaching the range of options available to couples, rather than one way to birth or parent a baby. Couples are encourage take an active role in examining their beliefs and preferences about birth and parenting and are supported in with the choices they make. Parents can sign up for 6-week group classes, weekend intensive group classes, or 4-week private classes in your home. Classes include information on the following:
-Discovering your beliefs about birth
-Third trimester and nutrition
-Signs of labor
-Phases and stages of labor
-Pain coping strategies: finding your natural coping techniques
-Movement and positions for labor
-Massage and acupressure for labor
-The role of the partner and the role of a doula
-Breath work and guided relaxation for labor
-Medical technology and interventions
-Transfer to the hospital (for homebirth only)
-Newborn care
-A Cloth Diaper How-To (Optional)
-The postpartum body
-Transition into parenthood
-Shifts in relationship and sexual identity

Counseling (or coaching) services combine childbirth education, counseling, relaxation and visualization techniques to allow women to closely examine their emotional transition into birth and parenthood. Counseling services are ideal for women experiencing:
-fears, ambivalence, and anxieties in pregnancy, birth, and parenting
-a desire to heal from prior pregnancies, losses, or traumatic birth experiences
-a desire to reduce stress about pregnancy and birth, while developing
-confidence in birthing and parenting
-a desire to work towards a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)
-concerns that history of sexual or physical abuse might impact their birthing or parenting
-a desire to identify her own coping style for pain
-a history of postpartum depression or trouble adjusting to parenthood
-a history of miscarriage and perinatal loss
-a desire to process a past birth experience or adjustment to parenthood
-a normal pregnancy with a wish to explore their vision of birth, and to deepen the connection with their baby and birth experience.

Kate also offers doula services. These services include two to three prenatal visits, three postpartum visits and her support in the birth. Kate generally takes 2-4 births a month. Kate is also on call for clients 5 weeks around the birth, remaining local in addition to being available via phone, text, or email anytime of day/night during that period.

Class Testimonial: “Kate is an educated professional who also brings with her the personality of a warm friend. Her childbirth class series was tailored to fit our particular needs, although she covered a variety of birthing possibilities. She mixes straightforward lecturing with pertinent exercises, such as drawing our idea of the birth, learning how I cope with the pain and discomfort with an ice exercise, and watching videos on the stages of labor and women’s various rituals in birth. Her classes go beyond what you would get in your average textbook or guide. Kate also taught us about the ways that people learn and, in turn, deal with the pain. This type of work served us well during labor. She covers everything from the signs of early labor to breastfeeding and newborn care. Overall, we felt extremely comfortable with Kate and well-prepared for the birth following her series. She was even available after the birth for further questions (Kate is a truly wonderful resource for all stages of pregnancy and birth). Kate’s course is a must for any expectant mother.”

Counseling Testimonial: “The visualization exercise that Kate took me through undoubtedly gave me confidence and reassurance that I could have a natural birth. After meeting with me and spending a great deal of time learning about my previous birth experience, concerns about my upcoming delivery, and concerns about bringing a baby home to meet my toddler, Kate then customized a visualization exercise which mapped out my labor, birth and postpartum period. A week after we met, I went into labor and I was surprised when I heard Kate’s voice in my head during a contractions. My body and brain connected automatically because I had been there before. Kate was with me during my labor, though not physically in the room! In addition to the exercise being a great tool for any pregnant woman to have in their “bag of tricks,” I would like to add that Kate is tremendously perceptive and responsive as a counselor. She listens to your concerns with great empathy and somehow knows exactly what a woman who is about take the greatest journey of her life needs to hear.”

Doula Testimonial: “We are enormously pleased with the role that Kate played in Pia’s birth. We feel that she shares equal responsibility with our midwife in helping Pia despite considerable challenges. Pia’s labor was long and intense and Kate’s physical and emotional stamina never waned. She was attentive to the needs of both mother and father, her knowledge of labor coping strategies was extensive and practical, and her presence was calming and encouraging. Before the birth we could not have imagined the degree to which Kate would help us, nor can we now imagine having dealt with labor without her. Kate shared and shaped a most important moment in our life as a family and will be in our hearts forever.”

Contact Info.

Name: Holistic Childbirth, Kate Dimpfl
Location(s): 717 N Cayuga Street Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: 917-613-7865

Service & Fee Structure

Services: Please see above.
Average Length of Visit/Class: 1-3 hours depending on type of service
Fee Structure & Details: Group Childbirth Education Classes: $289, Private Childbirth Education Classes: $429, Reiki Services: $100/hr, Counseling Services: $100/hr, Refresher class, $119, Doula Services: $300 retainer fee, $600-$1000 birth fee.
Bill Insurance Companies? No

Special Accommodations for Pregnant Women...

I make home visits for counseling and childbirth education (private classes only). Group classes are held at The Center @ 203, which is not handicapped accessible at this time.

Additional Information...

Kate’s services run out of The Center @ 203. She also co-coordinates the Ithaca Childbearing Loss Network, and is founding member of the Ithaca Doula Collective. Learn more about Kate and her Holistic Childbirth counseling, class or doula services at:,,, and Facebook: Twitter: @holistic_chbrth LinkedIn:

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