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Harmony Massage of Ithaca

Harmony massage specializes in TMJ and prenatal massage- and has apprentice LMT’s learning prenatal massage (that can save $$).  Having 3 natural childbirths myself, I know how massage can play such an important role in preparing and recovering from childbirth.  I offer face down massage (all the way up to 9+months!) with a special memory foam bolster that goes right on top of the massage table (that is my daughter sitting in the belly hole of the bolster!).  I truly enjoy working with mamas, and offer special apprentice LMT massages at discounted rate, and package pricing.  Online booking and payment options.  More info on my website

Contact Info.

Name: Harmony Massage of Ithaca,
Location(s): 414 East Lincoln St Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: 607-201-4926

Service & Fee Structure

Services: Please see above.
Average Length of Visit/Class: 60 minutes
Fee Structure & Details: 30-75 minute sessions $50-$100. Package pricing also, see website for details and online scheduling.
Bill Insurance Companies? No

Special Accommodations for Pregnant Women...

Prenatal bolster that allows face down massage to relive low back, hip and leg discomfort. Mamas that want to continue regular massage therapy throughout their pregnancy can save $80 on a package!

Additional Information...

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