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Diane Farnham Physical Therapy and MassageDiane Farnham

Assisting in relief from low back/ sacral pain associated with pregnancy and postpartum; help in re-establishing balance to lumbo-pelvic structures and tone of the pelvic floor musculature; thru craniosacral therapy assistance in relaxation of one’s nervous system for ease of mothering, nursing, sleeping, adjusting to having a newborn in one’s life……

Contact Info.

Name: Diane Farnham Physical Therapy and Massage, Diane Farnham
Location(s): PADMA Center for Natural Therapies 114 West Buffalo St. Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: 607-272-8869

Service & Fee Structure

Services: Please see above.
Average Length of Visit/Class: 1 1/4 hours
Fee Structure & Details: $80-95.
Bill Insurance Companies? No

Special Accommodations for Pregnant Women...

Unfortunately there is no pregnancy table in our practice...however side-lying usually works well. Lots of pillows help too.

Additional Information...

I do not bill,yet provide a statement with all necessary codes to submitt for reimbursement under physical therapy

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