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The Bradley Method® of Natural ChildbirthLaura Woinoski & Chris Hully

Natural Childbirth is the safest birth for mother and baby. Husband-coached childbirth is the most bonding birth experience for a family! This thorough couple-taught course completely prepares the mother and coach (husband or other loved one) for a confident pregnancy and birth. We will cover every aspect of a strong, healthy birth: nutrition, exercise, stages of labor, birth plans, variations/complications, postpartum, newborn care, breastfeeding, and more! The techniques taught in class increase self-awareness and help each couple find their path to deep relaxation that is uniquely theirs. This deep relaxation is the key to The Bradley Method® – allowing couples to work together for a joyful labor and birth. This 12-week course is perfect for couples wanting a complete preparation as well as a deeply bonding experience.

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Name: The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth, Laura Woinoski & Chris Hully
Location(s): 5111 Perry City Road Trumansburg, NY 14886
Phone: 607-229-5081

Service & Fee Structure

Services: Natural childbirth education classes
Average Length of Visit/Class: 2.5 hours
Fee Structure & Details: $350 for course of 12 classes. Payment plans available.
Bill Insurance Companies? No

Special Accommodations for Pregnant Women...

Home visits available in certain cases.

Additional Information...

Fee includes the course, student workbook, misc. materials, and support post-class (you can continue to attend classes until you have your baby, consult us at any time, etc). Please check with your insurance as some companies will reimburse for childbirth education. (natural childbirth = savings for them)

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