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Amrita Women’s HealthSareanda Lourdes, RN

Amrita Women’s Health helps women thrive in the childbearing year with fertility support, pregnancy preparation and wellness, birth doula care, and post-partum healing.  Emotional care, nutrition, yoga and botanical education combine with the hands on healing of Maya Abdominal Therapy and/or Holistic Pelvic Care for a nourished, refreshed, and blissful mama.


~Maya Abdominal Therapy is excellent preparation for birth as well as balancing and restorative in the post-partum period and throughout life.  Gentle therapeutic massage over the abdomen and lower back improves digestion, aligns the tissues and organs of the pelvis, and brings optimal blood, lymph, and nerve flow through the belly and pelvic bowl.  A relaxing session includes self-massage education and information on botanical support, plant-spirit bathing, nutrition, and the use of a wide soft belt called a ‘faja’ to support the pregnant and post-partum uterus.


~Holistic Pelvic Care balances and restores the pelvic musculature and refreshes circulation to the pelvic bowl through gentle internal work and self-care. Releasing trigger points, softening scar tissue, smoothing fascia, and guiding a woman’s deep awareness to her pelvic area help a woman holistically tone and heal her vagina. This work improves alignment and function of the ovaries and uterus and revitalizes a woman’s energetic, intuitive, and creative potential.


These sister therapies are like two sides of the same leaf; both help prevent and treat digestive and reproductive imbalances, while inspiring a deeper connection to the wise belly-bowl consciousness. Both address numerous concerns: digestive issues; reproductive concerns and fertility care for women and men; pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care; menarche, menstrual pain, and cyclical concerns; menopausal symptoms; hemorrhoids, uterine prolapse, rectocele, and cystocele; sexual and pelvic pain; physical, sexual, or emotional trauma; and post-hysterectomy healing.


I am a mother, an experienced doula of eleven years, and a midwifery educated nurse.  My holistic women’s health practice focuses on Arvigo Maya Abdominal TherapyTM and Holistic Pelvic CareTM.

Contact Info.

Name: Amrita Women's Health, Sareanda Lourdes, RN
Location(s): Finger Lakes Area
Phone: 607.280.4977

Service & Fee Structure

Services: Please see above.
Average Length of Visit/Class: 1.5-2 hours
Fee Structure & Details: Maya Abdominal Therapy and Holistic Pelvic Care: An initial two hour visit includes an in-depth intake, therapy session, and self-care teaching. $110. Follow-up visits, 1.5 hours. $80. I have a sliding scale and offer two free sessions each month to women of color, single mothers, and low income women. Birth Doula Care: 2-3 prenatal visits, birth support, & 2-3 post-partum visits. $750 10% of all profits return to Maya women in Chiapas as a thank you for their womb wisdom. Se habla espanol.
Bill Insurance Companies? No

Special Accommodations for Pregnant Women...

During a Maya Abdominal Therapy pregnant women are well supported with pillows in comfortable side-lying positions on a massage table. Holistic Pelvic Care is recommended post-partum, again on a massage table.

Additional Information...

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy Holistic Pelvic Care

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