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BirthRoot Midwifery and Women's Health

BirthRoot Midwifery and Women’s Health

At BirthRoot, we believe that birth is a normal, yet life-changing event, and the best outcomes for mother and baby are achieved with attentive, personalized, and home-based care. We believe that menstruation, pregnancy, birth, and menopause are not illnesses. We believe that only medically complicated situations should be managed medically, and that the vast majority […]

Harmony Massage of Ithaca

Harmony Massage of Ithaca

Harmony massage specializes in TMJ and prenatal massage- and has apprentice LMT’s learning prenatal massage (that can save $$).  Having 3 natural childbirths myself, I know how massage can play such an important role in preparing and recovering from childbirth.  I offer face down massage (all the way up to 9+months!) with a special memory […]

Amrita Women's Health

Amrita Women’s Health

Amrita Women’s Health helps women thrive in the childbearing year with fertility support, pregnancy preparation and wellness, birth doula care, and post-partum healing.  Emotional care, nutrition, yoga and botanical education combine with the hands on healing of Maya Abdominal Therapy and/or Holistic Pelvic Care for a nourished, refreshed, and blissful mama.   ~Maya Abdominal Therapy […]

Sacred Earth Doula Care

Sacred Earth Doula Care

Doula services (birth, miscarriage & termination); Prenatal counseling and classes; special topic workshops; pregnancy, birth and postpartum planning; therapeutic acupressure for pregnancy, postpartum healing and breastfeeding

Jeanette McCulloch, IBCLC

Jeanette McCulloch, IBCLC

Breastfeeding support for families designed to help you meet your goals. Services include: – in home visits – prenatal education – return to work strategies – support for unique breastfeeding situations, including multiples, adoptive nursing, mothers with perinatal mood disorders, co-parent nursing, tongue-ties, and more I am board certified lactation consultant and am trained as […]

Holistic Childbirth

Holistic Childbirth

Holistic Childbirth helps people with the transition into parenthood through education and counseling services. Childbirth classes are evidence-based and non-biased, teaching the range of options available to couples, rather than one way to birth or parent a baby. Couples are encourage take an active role in examining their beliefs and preferences about birth and parenting […]

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